About Us





We work with industry-leading manufacturers to make garments that epitomise ultimate luxury. Our objective is to provide you with the extraordinary and the uncommon.


Our focus is pivoted to cater to the bespoke requirements of the individual. Our work is meticulously inspected to cater to not only the aesthetics, but also it's functionality.


Inspired by the life of an agent from the Cold War; Maszarova is the ultimate ally for your appearance. Engineered to maintain a precise equilibrium between dominance and discretion.

The company you keep.

Fashion has become too focused on the things that people wear and not the people themselves. Fits and trends have superseded quality and purpose. So we have made it our mission to offer surgically made garments to those who don’t dress for the world they see, but for the world they want to conquer. With each look arranged to complement your silhouette in any room. Because the right clothes will open the right doors. 

Maszarova partners with industry leading manufacturers that source materials from ethical and sustainable parts of the world. Obsessed with delivering quality that is hardly seen on your day to day. Our fabrics are pre-washed to remove any additional chemicals that garments absorb during their creation. They are also iron tested to ensure no metallic residue from high friction knitting is left on the pieces - ensuring ultimate comfort. 

Our lookbooks and styles are derived from a distinctive point in time. The blueprint of our garments comes from combat and extreme condition attire, and are fused with the brutalist narrative of the Cold War. Introducing Eastern European designs to the rapidly growing fashion capitals of Australia.

We curate pieces that are envisioned to become a part of you. Not as an accessory, but as an ally - because you are ultimately the company you keep.